These Are The Best Cities to Visit in Thailand

Loha Prasat in Bangkok, Thailand
Loha Prasat in Bangkok, Thailand. Photo by Alejandro Cartagena 🇲🇽🏳‍🌈 on Unsplash

Among the many beautiful countries to visit in Southeast Asia, one of the most popular is Thailand. A backpacker’s dream, this country has been one of the trendiest places to travel to in the last decade. Not only is it incredibly cheap, but it offers so many wonderful activities for you depending on what you’re looking for. So what are the best cities to visit in Thailand?

Ko Pha Ngan

Although Ko Pha Ngan is more of an island than a city, it’s such a memorable place that we’ll allow it on this list. This island is particularly for travelers who want to party nonstop. It hosts the monthly Full Moon Party, which is the culmination of three other massive parties in the nights leading up to it. The best part? The beaches are literally beautiful, which is where most people go during the day.

Chiang Mai

If partying isn’t really the reason you’ve come to Thailand, Chiang Mai might be more your speed. In fact, there is a certain serenity that engulfs you as you walk through its streets. There are many religious sites to visit, delicious street food, and startling natural beauty to fall in love with.


The capital of Thailand is probably the closest thing to a real city. It’s more expensive than the aforementioned places, but it more than makes up for it with luxury and class. You can find pretty much anything there. If you’re looking for a more well-rounded experience, from nature to partying to fun activities, Bangkok is the way to go.