The Best Indoor Skiing in the World

Ski Dubai in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai United Arab Emirates. Photo by philipus/Depositphotos

Just 2 months ago, the first indoor ski resort opened in North America in the new American Dream Mall. Located in New Jersey, Big Snow has 4 acres of top of the line technology keeping the arena at 32 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. The slopes are open 365 days a year and will be the first time that North Americans can go skiing in July. Here are two other amazing indoor ski slopes you could visit.

Ski Dubai

Being that this one is located in the United Arab Emirates, it automatically makes the list. Snow is not a common sight in this country, and the indoor ski slope has evergreen trees and Austrian chalets to make you feel like you are in the Alps. The longest run is 1,312 feet and there is even a snow park where children can have snowball fights and build a snowman as an activity not commonly experienced in that part of the world.

Chill Factore, Stretford, England

Manchester is no stranger to winter weather, but being that the tallest mountain in England is less than 1,000 meters (3,000 feet) tall, there aren’t many opportunities to ski in the country. In addition to different levels of slopes, there are many other snow activities including a Slip ‘N’ Slide and climbing wall.