The Best Ecotourism Activities in the Arava, Israel

Araba, Jordan
Araba, Jordan. Photo by Andreas Brunn on Unsplash

The Arava is the desert region is Israel that stretches from the Dead Sea down to Eilat, along the border with Jordan. It’s an important agricultural region, and an international center for environmental and sustainability education. As well as stunning hiking opportunities, a trip to Arava isn’t complete without enjoying some of the area’s ecotourism activities.

Stay in a Kibbutz Eco-Community

Kibbutz Lotan is a desert eco-community with an inspiring dedication to environmental protection. Stay in a cozy room in Lotan’s signature mud-built dwellings and learn about permaculture, organic farming, and alternative architecture at the Kibbutz Lotan Center for Creative Ecology.

Meet Israel’s Lost & Endangered Desert Animals

Hai-Bar Yotvata Nature Reserve is a ground-breaking wildlife restoration project, working to reintroduce lost and endangered animals back to the Israeli landscape. Tour the park in your own car and you will be rewarded with spectacular close-up views of oryxes, ostriches, wild donkeys, gazelles, and more. It’s also a camping area.

Visit the Only Organic Aloe Vera Farm in the Middle East

With all that desert sun, your skin might be feeling a little dry. Head to Bayit HaAloe, the only organic aloe vera plantation in the Middle East. With prior coordination, you can meet the owners, learn more about the plantation and see the aloe vera growing. Don’t forget to stock up on nourishing organic aloe vera skincare products while you’re there!