Why Japan is the Ideal Destination for Solo Travelers

Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Erik Eastman on Unsplash

Planning a solo trip to Japan? Get ready for the vacation of a lifetime! With an impressively low crime rate, great public transport, and plenty of attractions, Japan is an ideal destination for solo travelers.

Whether you’re eager to explore ancient temples, craving some me time at an onsen spa, or a foodie in search of the best ramen, this unique island nation has something for every solitary sightseer. So grab a cup of green tea and read on to find out why Japan is so suitable for solo travelers.


Japan has a super low crime rate and is known for being one of the safest travel destinations globally—ideal for solo travelers. Of course, just like with any travel, it’s always sensible to keep your wits about you and behave like you would at home.

Solo Dining

The Japanese regularly dine out alone so there’s no need to feel awkward when requesting a table for one. In fact, many Japanese restaurants have booths specially designed for a relaxing solo dining experience.


Because of all the business travel that takes place in Japan, there are plenty of accommodation options for solo travelers. Whether you’re looking for a quirky boutique hotel, rustic guesthouse, or modern skyscraper, Japan has diverse and affordable options for everyone.