Soneva Kiri’s Dreamy Nature Resort in Thailand

Soneva Kiri is a stunning dream that’s perfect for your next getaway with family, friends, or a partner. This lush island is tucked away in the tropical rainforests of Thailand surrounded by untouched beaches with a phenomenal view. Besides staying in your villa, they also boast National parks and even Thai cooking lessons from their in-house Chef.

If cooking isn’t your thing then maybe movies are. They have regular film screenings at Cinema Paradiso where you can get your movie fix.

Treetop Dining

Treetop Lunches when visiting Soneva Kiri is a must. You’ll be suspended in the air, surrounded by lush greenery in a treepod. Imagine eating an amazing meal 11 meters in the air! A waiter will swing to you – they will serve you refreshing iced tea and a traditional Thai meal. What could be better than that?

Cave Lunch

If you’re looking for another thrill-seeking experience – besides the treepod restaurant you can also try the mushroom cave lunch. You’ll be surrounded by the sights of the jungle while eating a five-course Thai meal (with vegetarian options!). They even prepare some of the dishes right in front of you so you can see that you’re getting the freshest food.