Green School Bali’s Eco-Friendly Bamboo Structures

You may have come across these beautiful bamboo house structures at one point online. The following buildings were built and crafted in Bali, Indonesia. The Green School Bali isn’t just a school, but it’s also a place to showcase the stunning bamboo architecture that exists. Buildings can be made from almost anything – and for this tropical country – bamboo is the perfect material to withstand the shifting climate.

Bamboo Bridges and Workshops

The school is a huge shift from a traditional classroom with white lights and pale walls. Instead, they have bamboo bridges leading to their classrooms. The school is located in a jungle so that the people who visit it can see how humans and nature are intertwined. They also promote an appreciation for sustainable architecture and encourage their students and visitors to take a moment and appreciate nature’s design.

Sustainable Classrooms

The classrooms breed creativity and a love for the environment. Visiting this school will inspire you and prove that schools don’t have to be made out of cement. With a school like this, you’ll think that you’re sitting in a tropical hotel in the islands. Good job for being sustainable, Green School Bali!