The Charming Amber Fort of Jaipur, India

Photo by Ibrahim Rifath on Unsplash

At the center of the old city of Jaipur in India, lies the “Pink City.” This is a famous landmark founded in 1970. It’s surrounded by mini gardens and a courtyard.

3.1 million people reside in this city and it’s also a buzzing place for tourists because of its lively marketplace where you can find handwoven carpets and other indigenous crafts.

The Amber Palace

The Amber Port or Palace is a magnificent palace located 11 kilometers from Jaipur. This small town is situated on top of a hill and draws people in for its 16th-century ornate decorations.

Step Back In Time

This place feels like you’re backing back centuries ago. An additional tip is to hire a tour guide to explain the rich history behind the fort. It still stands as beautiful as ever and at night, it lights up like a glowing cake.

Patterns Everywhere

When you step inside this colorful fort, you’ll feel like you’re in a psychedelic paradise. The view from the inside and outside are equally stunning – it sure seems like the Indian Kings had a great eye for detail.