Sicily to Help Travelers Pay for Their Vacations

As coronavirus hit Italy’s tourism, Sicily had come up with a plan to lure tourists back to the island. The region has created a $54 million budget to help the Italian island ramp back up its appeal to visitors, by paying for a generous chunk of their visit once it will be allowed to travel again.

The program’s name is Empty for Full and it will be valid after Italy reopens its borders. Besides paying for parts of the airfare and accommodation, the visitors will also be able to get vouchers for museum tickets from the Sicilian tourism office.

This move was provoked by the estimated €1 billion loss in museum and landmark entrance fees alone.

Italy has opened bars and restaurants several days ago during the second phase of reopening. They’re currently providing take-out only, but are expected to start receiving small groups of guests by the end of the month.

To learn more about the offers for visiting Sicily this year, go to their official website.