The Most Colorful Landscapes in the World

So many landscapes around the world are beautiful, some would say they all are, but getting used to seeing some of them, we don’t see them as special. Even though the shades of green are calming and the sights of fields and mountains are always breathtaking, our brains are always looking for something different and “special”. Here are three of the world’s most colorful and special landscapes.

Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming

Have you ever seen anything like this? Grand Prismatic is one of the numerous geysers and hot springs in the Yellowstone National Park, and the most colorful and stunning one. The difference in water temperatures means that there are different varieties of microscopic life and they form the gorgeous colors you can see on the image.

Landmannalaugar, Iceland

Fjallabak Nature Reserve in Iceland has surreal colors, especially if you visit it during dawn or dusk. The visitors get to walk through the landscape following the trails, enjoying the unique, beautiful nature.

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Red Beach, China

Located in Panjin city, Red Beach is not actually a beach. It’s a big wetland covered with plants. The color comes from seepweed that’s green during the summer but turns red in the fall.