Best Fabrics You Could Possibly Pack for Your Travels

Picking the right clothes for your trip can be extremely tricky. You want to pack something you’ll look cute in, but it’s also important to go with the fabrics that won’t wrinkle easily, take up to match space, or dry for too long.

If you’re struggling to pick the right fabrics for your trip, these three are the best possible choice.


Polyester, nylon, and similar performance fabrics may not be as stylish as some other alternatives, but they’re lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, and can dry pretty quickly.


Cotton certainly has its downsides, but it’s the most common fabric out there so it’s impossible to skip. It’s soft, takes little space, and it’s incredibly easy to style it with other fabrics.


Despite the fact it’s prone to wrinkling, silk is breathable and stylish, and it barely takes up any space – plus you can easily get rid of the wrinkles by hanging it near the shower.

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Rayon is a great fabric to pack for your trip, because it’s quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant, and lightweight, but it’s not great for warmer climates since it doesn’t wick moisture well.