Puebla, Mexico is Home to Some Pretty Epic Museums

The city of Puebla, Mexico
Puebla, Mexico. Photo by Yarenci Hdz on Unsplash

Located in the very heart of Mexico, Puebla is one of the country’s most beautiful colonial cities. Its history is truly rich and epic, and if you’re looking forward to exploring it, these three museums are a good place to start.

Museo Amparo

Located in the very heart of Puebla, Museo Amparo is often hailed as one of Mexico’s most important historical museums. Its impressive collection includes 3,500 pieces of pre-Columbian, 19th-century viceroyal, and contemporary art. Amparo is also known for being one of the most technologically advanced museums in the entire country.

Museo Internacional del Barroco

The extravagant exterior of its building designed by Toyo Itō may suggest otherwise, but this museum is actually dedicated to Baroque art. Its sleek modern architecture stands in direct contrast with the work of art housed inside.

Museo Nacional Ferrocarriles

Puebla is home to many more history and art museums, but if you’re looking for an offbeat place to enjoy with your entire family, this museum is just the thing you need. It chronicles the history of Mexico’s railways and features an exhibit of old steam trains and cabins.