Europe’s Biggest Party Cities

Night club
Photo by Pim Myten on Unsplash

If you’re finally vaccinated and looking forward to being able to do things you couldn’t due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there are probably two activities, in particular, you’re itching to get back to: partying and traveling. Well, we’re here to help you combine those two things by telling you about the best party cities in the world.

Saint Tropez, France

Want to feel like a full-on celeb? Then Saint Tropez, what was once a quiet fishing village on the French Riviera, is the destination for you. It’s become a go-to party location for the rich and famous, full of beach bars and VIP nightclubs and beautiful, beautiful people.

Berlin, Germany

For those not in the know, it may come as a surprise that Germany’s capital is home to some of the wildest parties in the world, but that is surely the case. There, waiting in line for hours and staying out partying until the sunrise at an assortment of sex parties, techno parties, jazz parties, house parties, and hip-hop parties is the norm. Enjoy.

Ibiza, Spain

If you like your partying with a healthy dose of beautiful, idyllic beach town, Ibiza, Spain is a must-visit. It boasts famous partygoers, the world’s largest nightclub, huge theme parties, and bikini street parties, to name just a few of the pros.