3 Museums Every Art Lover Should Visit in Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide, Australia
Adelaide, Australia. Photo by Photoholgic on Unsplash

Most people visiting Adelaide are here to explore its nearby wineries and beautiful natural surroundings, but there’s a lot you can discover in the city itself. Art lovers will feel right at home in this Australian city, especially if they decide to visit these three amazing museums.

Art Gallery of South Australia

This 19th-century gallery houses one of Australia’s most impressive art collections, with 45,000 works of art and counting. This gallery features everything from European, Asian, and North American art, but it’s actually best known for its impressive collection of indigenous Australian and colonial art.

Samstag Museum of Art

Samstag Museum is housed in the imposing modern building, and it was built in honor of Anne and Gordon Samstag, distinguished benefactors to Australian culture. In addition to hosting exhibits of contemporary art, this museum is best known for giving scholarships to promising young artists.

Flinders Art Museum

This museum is a part of the Flinders University, and it’s dedicated to preserving and developing its historical and contemporary art collections. With 8,000 works of art, it has the largest university art collections in Australia, with a special accent on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art.