New York City’s Most Beautiful Unique Stations

For any traveler who has ever been to New York City, one of the most striking parts about this metropolis is probably its transportation network. The New York City Subway is the best way to get around the city quickly and its annual ridership of over one billion is almost impossible to fathom.

New York City’s subway stations are a unique part of the experience in and of themselves and these are some of the highlights of the network which must be seen to be believed!

Fulton Center

Fulton Center, located in Lower Manhattan and inaugurated in November 2014, is unique in its modern, contemporary design which differs from many of the decades-old stations in the system. Containing an industrial design, shops, and a sky light, you’ll be in awe of this station.

190th Street

190th Street Station in Washington Heights is unique due to the amazing location and depth that it features. This station is located under Fort Tryon Park and is over 140 feet underground! Elevator operators transport you down to the subway platform from its entrance.

East 180th Street

East 180th Street Station in Brooklyn is housed in one of the most beautiful buildings you’ll see in the network. The Westchester and Boston Railroad Administration Building houses the entrance to this ground-level station, having been constructed in the early 20th century when this line was part of a commuter rail line.