These are the World’s Busiest Airports

What’s the biggest airport you’ve ever flown through while traveling? No matter where you leave from, if you’ve ever undergone international travel, you’ve probably been funneled through a busy airport with all kinds of worldwide flights and connections.

So, just what are the busiest airports on Earth which see the most passengers every year? Let’s check them out!

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (United States)

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has been the busiest airport on Earth for a long time now. This airport is Delta’s hub for all travel throughout the globe, including a vast network of regional and American flights as well as international travel. Over 110 million travelers passed through ATL in 2019.

Beijing Capital International Airport (China)

The biggest airport in the most populated country on Earth belongs to Beijing and it’s a massive hub of aircraft operations. This airport links China and the rest of the globe and it broke the 100 million passenger mark for the first time last year.

Dubai International Airport (UAE)

Dubai International Airport is the gateway to the Middle East, and it comes in at number three on the standings. Nearly 90 million people passed through the airport in 2019 as it continues to grow as Dubai gains more and more fame and airplane traffic.