Is This the Most Beautiful Park in the World?

Ashikaga Flower Park, Tochigi, Japan, Asia. Photo by victorflowerfly/Depositphotos

Ashikaga Flower Park is a famous park in Japan, but not for cherry blossoms that we typically associate with the country. Instead, it’s famous for wisteria flowers, also known as fuji. They grow on tall frames so the blossoms are all around you when you enter the park. It looks absolutely stunning during the day, but the lighting also makes it beautiful by night.

The park is open all year long during the daytime. The winter lighting works from 3:30 to 9 p.m. so if you visit the place from October to February you get to enjoy it in this lovely setting.

April and May represent the peak season when the flowers are in full bloom. Around Christmas, the park becomes the place where people gather to watch light shows that are especially interesting for couples. The landscape also includes other flowers like tulips, roses, and tropical water lilies that all bloom during their own seasons.

You can easily spend a whole day in Ashikaga Flower Park as it offers various snacks and gift shops.