Color Factory: The Most Vibrant Interactive Museum in the US

Interactive museums are flourishing around the world, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that you can find many in the US. The Color Factory is the most vibrant of them all, and you can currently find it in two different locations – Houston and New York City.

Surprisingly enough, this isn’t where this interactive museum actually originates from; its first exhibition actually took place in San Francisco. The project created so much buzz that it ran for eight sold-out months before finding a new home in NYC in 2018.

Described as “a celebration of color and creativity”, the Color Factory now spans 20,000 square feet, with a series of new installations inspired by New York City. Like similar museums of its kind, this one is the perfect place to take vibrant photos in picture-perfect set-ups.

The Color Factory franchise is currently expending, and it opened another location in Houston last year. Their main goal is to connect visitors to the colorful moments around the city where the exhibition is set, and we’re looking forward to seeing them open more locations in the future.