When in Dublin, Visit The National Leprechaun Museum

One of Ireland’s most popular cultural icons is leprechauns. Not necessarily the small ginger-bearded men we imagine from popular culture, they can be a wonderful entryway to Irish folklore. That is exactly the approach taken by The National Leprechaun Museum in Dublin City and why we think you should be sure to check it out. 

The museum makes sure to link up what we all already know about leprechauns with the roots and origins of the folk tales about these mischievous magical creatures. They even teach us what it may feel like to be so little, in the most fun way possible!

The museum offers both day and night tours, suitable for different crowds. For families with children 7 years old and up, the day tours focus on the magic of Irish folk tales and mythology. Visitors get to walk through a rainbow and listen to stories about real and mythological Ireland.

The night tours are a different story, titled DarkLand, and only available for 18 years old and older. DarkLand tells the scarier, more serious side of the Irish fairy world. The guides perform as storytellers, sharing some less familiar aspects of Irish folk and culture.