Ideas for Meaningful Souvenirs 

Image via Artem Bali on Unsplash

Souvenirs are a great thing to collect when on vacation or traveling. It’s lovely to have little objects to remind us of those special experiences and to have them as a keepsake. But so often the classic items marketed as souvenirs are ultimately cheap, useless objects that most people don’t actually want. Here are some ideas for souvenirs that are more meaningful.


So often while abroad you’ll find a little store in a town or a weekly market in which you can find pretty and unique jewelry made by local artists for a decent price. Even if it does cost a fair bit, having something you genuinely love that supports local businesses is so much better than a mass-produced plastic object. 


Again, it’s often fairly easy to find some stunning handpainted pieces in your local area. Having a gorgeous mug or bowl that you use all the time that reminds you of a treasured vacation is a great way to remember your trip.

A Local Artist’s Postcard

If there are local artists in the area where you’re staying then you should be able to find some postcards with their work on. This is a super cheap option and can be perfect to stick on your wall or in a scrapbook.