3 Great Locations for Whale-Watching 

Whales in Australia
Whales in Australia. Photo by Jim Carroll on Unsplash

Whales are understandably an animal that many of us find awe-inspiring and captivating. These huge mammals roam the seas and are so beautiful yet so elusive. People who have seen whales swimming in the open sea know how magical it is, and others hope to one day witness this. Here are some places around the world that may offer this chance.

Vesterålen, Norway

An archipelago of Nordland, in the north of Norway, this area is known for its incredible beauty and stunning wildlife. There are plenty of whale-watching tours available with the hope of spotting some ocean giants. Sperm whales can be spotted all year round, and humpbacks, orcas, and fin whales can be seen during the migration of herring in the area. 

Dana Point, California 

California is well known for its marine life spotting due to the complex ecosystems and fair weather conditions around the coast. Dana Point is a city in the south of California and has loads of whale-watching cruises setting off. While rare, this area is known for potential blue whale spotting. 

Kaikōura, New Zealand

The landscapes and natural spaces around New Zealand are pretty spectacular so it’s no surprise that it’s a great place to spot sea life. Kaikōura is on the south island and has exciting year-round visits from sperm whales.