Explore These Charming North Georgia Towns!

Athens, Georgia. Image by sepavone/Depositphotos

North Georgia is a mountainous, charming part of this large southern state that definitely deserves to be checked out. Aside from its nature, this region has a number of charming towns that are a great choice for a weekend getaway if you are in the area. Let’s take a look at the three best towns that you should check out!


Did you know that there’s a town in north Georgia that’s a slice of Bavaria in the middle of the United States? Helen is known as “Georgia’s Alpine Village” and features a number of buildings, restaurants, and breweries that look straight out of Germany!


Georgia’s best college town is Athens, the home of the University of Georgia. This town northeast of Atlanta features a buzzing restaurant and bar scene along with numerous music venues and some excellent examples of 19th-century architecture.


If you are a nature lover, Dahlonega is a spot that you should check out. Located in the mountains, you’ll find a charming small town as the center of a region that hosts numerous outdoor activities, including hikes where you can find abandoned gold mines and waterfalls!