Top 3 Spots in Zagreb, Croatia for Fans of Classical Architecture

Photo by David Boca on Unsplash

Zagreb is one of those cities that offer the perfect mix of contemporary and classical architecture. If you happen to be a bigger fan of the latter, you won’t run out of new places to explore in the Croatian capital, and these three are a good place to start.

Zagreb Cathedral

This magnificent Roman Catholic church is Zagreb’s most recognizable tourist landmark, but its history has been plagued by war and natural disasters. It was originally built in the 13th century and went through several reconstructions over the centuries before being restored to its former glory.

Mirogoj Cemetery

The final resting place of many notable Croatians also happens to be one of the city’s most picturesque spots. Built by Hermann Bollé in the Gothic style during the late 19th century, Mirogoj is hailed as one of the largest and the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe.                                    

Ban Jelačić Square

You couldn’t miss this spot in Zagreb even if you tried because it’s the city’s central square. It features buildings that belong to different styles, ranging from classicism to secession, and some of them happen to be the oldest still standing in all of Zagreb, dating back to the 18th century.