3 Things You Must See in Oman

Nizwa Fort, Nizwa, Oman. Photo by Mr MaroX on Unsplash

Oman is an exciting travel destination popular among people from all around the world. Among the things you can see in this country are beautiful architectural structures, natural wonders, and don’t forget about all the adventures you can have. Here are three things you shouldn’t miss when in Oman.

Muttrah Souq

Traditional market Muttrah Souq contains shops that sell traditional Omani products. You can get unique souvenirs here, including traditional clothes and fabric, souvenirs, gold and silver jewelry, etc. The market itself is a big attraction and a perfect place to take travel pictures.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

The most famous mosque in the country is called the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. It was built in 2011 in Muscat and features big golden dome, arches, minarets, engraved walls, and many other impressive details.

Musandam Beaches

At the north of the country, you can find the Musandam Governorate and enjoy its beautiful beaches. Among the most popular ones is Khasab beach, but there are many other beaches covered in white sand that you can enjoy while in the country.