3 Things You Didn’t Know About Florence’s Ponte Vecchio

Photo by Jeff Ackley on Unsplash

One of the most recognizable landmarks in Florence, Italy is the Ponte Vecchio. This centuries-old bridge is a world-famous piece of architecture that is a must-visit spot for anyone visiting Tuscany’s urban center. So, just what makes this bridge so unique and special? Check out these three facts that you probably did not know!

It’s Almost 700 Years Old

While its origins date back even further, the newest and current version of the Ponte Vecchio was built in the 14th century after floods knocked down its predecessors. Despite numerous wars, floods, and natural disasters, it has stood tall.

It’s Full of Shops

One of the things that you will notice upon looking at the Ponte Vecchio is that it appears to have houses on its sides. Those colorful structures aren’t dwellings, however, but rather shops. Goldsmiths are especially common to see on the bridge, and they were originally the only businesses allowed on the bridge since they were seen as clean and sanitary.

It’s an Example of Groundbreaking Architecture

This bridge isn’t just old and beautiful, but it also has architectural significance. The Ponte Vecchio is the oldest standing segmental arch bridge in the world, as it has crossed the Arno River since 1345 AD.