Daegu, South Korea Will Win You Over with Its Natural Beauty

Daegu, South Korea.
Photo by SungHun Kim on Unsplash

Seoul and Busan are usually the first cities that people think of when someone mentions South Korea, but Daegu is also worth the visit. You’ll especially enjoy this city and its surrounding area if you’re a nature lover because there are several pretty amazing natural wonders in its close proximity.

Apsan Park

This wilderness park is located south of Daegu, and it covers several valleys and peaks of Apsan Mountain. Most people coming here enjoy taking cable car rides, exploring its hiking trails and observatory, but there’s also a war museum and several Buddhist temples located within the park.


If Apsan Park didn’t fully satisfy your sense of adventure, Palgongsan is the next place you should check out. Its lush walking trails and cable cars will lead you to many historic temples and shrines, and it’s really exciting to discover them all during your hiking adventures.

Daegu Arboretum

If you’re a huge flower lover, Daegu Arboretum is the first spot you should visit in this city. It’s home to thousands of species of plants ranging from trees and flowers to cacti and medicinal herbs, and it will win you over with its beautiful flower sculptures and lush gardens.