4 Non-Touristy Ways to Experience Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy.
Naples, Italy. Photo by Zsolt Cserna on Unsplash

If it’s not your first time in Naples, it’s natural that you’d want to explore further than the Certosa di San Martino or the Museo Archeologico Nazionale. This Italian city is full of non-touristy hidden gems and has something to offer for everyone. Here are a few of the most unique things to see and do in Naples.

The Church of the Monastery of Saints Marcellino and Festo

This lavishly decorated church was formed in the 16th century when two adjacent female cemeteries were united. Note that the church can only be accessed with a reservation.

Castle of Baia

Technically, the Castle of Baia is located about 15 miles outside of Naples, but if you have the chance it’s definitely worth seeing. Originally built to defend in the 15th century by the Aragonese, the castle now displays local archeological treasures from the Volcanic Campi Flegrei.

Fontanelle Cemetery

Since the 17th century, thousands of anonymous remains, many of the plague victims, were laid to rest in Fontanelle Cemetery, which consists of a system of volcanic caves. The cemetery was closed in 1969 and is now open for visitors.

Palazzo Donn’Anna

Overlooking the sea, this now-eerie villa was built in the 17th century for Anna Carafa, the princess of Stigliano by her husband Ramiro Guzman. The palace isn’t open to the public, but after learning some of the local folklore surrounding it, you’ll be intrigued to take a look.