Best Time of the Year to Visit Vietnam

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Want to travel to Vietnam but don’t know when is the best time? Debating whether you want to go North or South? Then you’ve made it to the right place. We are going to share every detail of Vietnam’s weather to help you pick the perfect date for your travels

When is the best to travel to Vietnam?

The best time during the year to go is in the Spring (February-April), and in the Fall (August-October). The temperatures aren’t too high and it doesn’t rain too often. 

During springtime, in March and April, the rain goes away in all locations and the temperatures are perfect. In some places, like Sapa, it might still be a little chilly. If you’re planning to go on November or December, the best decision would be to start in the North and make your way down South, before it gets too cold.


temperatures during the summer in Hanoi (May-September) run on average to about 32 degrees Celsius, and rain is pretty common. Those tropical rains will catch you out of nowhere. The rain usually falls in the afternoon, and even though you could be completely drenched as well as your surroundings, the summer counts to have the highest hours of sunshine on average. The chilly winter brings some fog and clouds, yet not a lot of rain. The average temperature in the winter is 17 degrees Celsius. The best time to travel is in October and November, that’s when the average temperature is 21 degrees Celsius with less rain and a lot of sunshine. Assuming that you are going to Hanoi during summer when it rains, there is a lot of other things to do indoors. There are museums, malls, and you can even take advantage of the fact that you’re in Vietnam and take a cooking class.

Halong Bay

Halong Bay is usually really foggy, which makes your visibility limited, but it adds a mysterious vibe. If you want to go when it isn’t foggy, we suggest going anytime between March and May, when the sky is usually blue.

During the summer, from May-November, the days are warm and humid, and it usually rains in the afternoon. The winter gets cold, so if you want to go, then the perfect time is between Match-May, or in the fall when you’ll score that perfect weather.


It’s usually warm all year round in Saigon when the nicer days are 28 degrees. The tropical weather hits from May-November.

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Best time of the year to visit Vietnam