Avoid Checked Baggage Fees With These Hacks

Photo by Tommaso Pecchioli on Unsplash

While flights may be pricey as it is, it seems that airlines have no issue laying on extra charges where possible. One common fee that you may encounter on your travels is the cost of checked baggage. Fortunately, this fee is not entirely unavoidable. Here are some quirky hacks to help you avoid paying checked baggage fees.

Choose Your Airline Wisely

Although many major airlines insist on charging baggage fees, this is not a hard and fast rule for everyone. Southwest Airlines is one example of an airline that provides not just one but two free checked bags, thereby giving you value for money. Simply check out a range of airlines and their baggage policies the next time you fly.

Get An Airline Credit Card

Not only do airline credit cards often provide deals such as free luggage, but they also often enable holders to travel with a higher baggage limit. Given that these credit cards come with a fee, think about how many times you’ll fly and the baggage costs you’re likely to pay before signing up.

Weigh Your Bag At Home

Another pesky penalty is when your baggage exceeds the airline’s weight limit. Make sure to weigh your bag before leaving home so that you avoid any unnecessary penalties.