Different Bed Options to Consider for a Van Conversion

Camper Van
Photo by Daniel J. Schwarz on Unsplash

Van conversions have been steadily growing in popularity over the years. Van life is super appealing to many people, and converting a van into a campervan yourself is often cheaper and more personal than buying a purpose-built camper. There’s so much to think about when self-converting, and a big one is the type of bed. Here are some options to consider.

‘Rock and Roll’ Bed

This refers to the style of bed which can switch between van seats and a bed. There may be different kinds of mechanisms for this setup. This is a great choice if you need passenger seats regularly, but may not be comfortable for use as a regular bed.

Slide Out Bench Bed

These are great for saving space as they double up as a bench to be used for seating in the daytime. They can also often have great storage space underneath. However, they do require some effort and maneuvering to set up.

Solid Bed

To save space people often build these up on a platform and have storage space underneath. This is great for having a bed that doesn’t require any effort to set up and can just be used whenever. But they do require enough space to make it work so aren’t great for small vans.