A few Fascinating Things You Must See In Your Lifetime

Traveling is good for the soul. But even if you are the type of person who travels a lot and has seen a lot, there are still places on this planet that will amaze you, places not overly touristic, but still one of those that you have to see once in your life.   

The palms of the Golden Bridge, Vietnam 

This is the new Golden Bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam. It looks like a surreal image of two palms that hold the bridge from side to side.  The construction work took almost a year. 

Shinatuan River, Philippines 

This river flows through the Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The unique watercolor and unexplored depths are the inspiration for many local legends and myths. 

Aleutian Islands, Alaska, USA 

These islands are located on the southwest side of Alaska. They are some of the most beautiful and dangerous islands and are chock-full of history. They have 57 active volcanoes and are known for some significant WW ll battles.