Packing Dilemma: Should You Bring Towels to Your Next Trip?

Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

If you’re embarking on a trip with nothing but a carry-on, you might find yourself struggling to find room for everything you need. Fortunately, there’s always a couple of things you can leave behind, and towels often happen to be one of them.

It’s highly likely that your accommodation already provides towels, and you’re just wasting space by bringing them along. Check the list of services they have in store before packing your bags, and make sure that towels are one of them.

If that’s not the case, chances are you can rent towels once you get to your hostel, because most of them offer this option. Check the fee, see if it pays off and consider buying cheap towels elsewhere if the rental is too expensive.

If none of these options work for you, bring your own towels, but make sure that they’re not too big. Microfiber towels are the best pick for frequent travelers since they’re made with quick-dry material and barely take up any space in your suitcase.