Instagram Credibility – Do These Beautiful Places Really Look Like That?

Burano, Venice, Italy. Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Instagram has become the most popular tourist guide and travel agency all wrapped in one. While it can be fun to scroll through the endless Instagram posts you can never be sure if that place that caught your eye actually looks like that or was it a new filter not yet available in your country. 

Here are a few places that actually look like the pictures you see online.  

Burano, Italy 

The charming fishing village is about a 1-hour boat ride from Venice. As the crowds focus on the Venetian canals, you can explore this vibrant and colorful place. There you will find pink, purple, green, brown and orange houses that can serve as the perfect backdrop for all your Instagram posts. 

Marrakech, Morocco 

Bloggers are all over Marrakech and with good reason. Morocco is packed with interesting architecture, the culture is fully unique and will awake all your senses. Marrakech is unlike any other place you’ve ever visited. Although you can’t smell and taste how awesome Marrakech is, at least you can see it in a picture that does it justice.   

Santorini, Greece 

Santorini is one of those magical places that actually looks breathtaking in person too! You will need to get up very early or go out of season to avoid the crowds, but it’s definitely worth a visit. You will even find that the island is much more picturesque than it looks in the pictures.  

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