5 Unique Experiences in Liverpool

Photo by Conor Samuel on Unsplash

When thinking about Liverpool, England the first things to pop into our heads are The Beatles and Liverpool Football Club, but if you’ve visited Liverpool before, you’ve probably already had these experiences. Along with the typical tourist attractions, Liverpool has a lot of unique places that you probably haven’t heard of. We’re sure you haven’t experienced Liverpool quite like this before.

Bongo’s Bingo

Bingo is usually a hobby older adults love, and Bongo’s Bingo is something unique. Think bingo mixed with dance-offs, raves, and unique prizes like giant pink unicorns and mobility scooters.

William MacKenzie’s Tomb

Home to British civil engineer William MacKenzie and his first and second wives, this pyramid-shaped tomb stands at 15 feet tall at Saint Andrew’s Church. The tomb was built by William’s brother in 1868 and it sits in one of the most haunted spots in Liverpool.

Magical Mystery Tour

Okay, so you can’t visit Liverpool without at least doing one Beatles-themed thing and this Magical Mystery Tour visits all of the band’s hot spots like Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, and their childhood homes.

Shiverpool Ghost Tours

There’s nothing like a ghost tour to creep you out and this award-winning one takes you to some of the most historical and haunted parts of the city.

Nerf Centre Liverpool

Sure, nerfs may be a children’s game, but adults love them too and Nerf Centre Liverpool is a great place to feel like a kid again. Plus, there’s even an indoor paintball arena at the center.