How to Choose Pet-Friendly Trip Accommodations

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

As more and more places around the world become open to pets, it’s becoming increasingly popular for pet owners to take their furry friends on trips with them.

One of the biggest challenges, however, remains to be the ability to find pet-friendly accommodations while traveling. If you are considering going on a trip with your pooch or cat, here are some things to keep in mind while looking for a place to stay.

Check to See if the Property Allows Pets

The first and potentially most obvious step is to check to see if the property which you are considering to stay at allows pets! It’s often impossible to find this information on their website, meaning that a call might be in order so that you can inquire.

Inquire About Fees

In the same vein as the last point is the fact that many properties say that they allow pets, but then charge obscene fees to those who bring their furry friends with them to stay. When you call the property, be sure to ask how much you will be charged.

See If There Are Green Spaces

It’s great to find a pet-friendly hotel with reasonable prices, but what if that property is located within a concrete jungle with no access to green spaces for your pet to move around? Check out the property’s location on Google Maps to see if you can find a place for exercise and bathroom relief nearby.