5 Experiences Not To Miss Out On In Tobago

Photo by Alina Doodnath on Unsplash

Tobago can be more than just a relaxing beach holiday. Put down your book and explore these top sights outside your resort.  

Turtle Beach

Between March and August, the giant leatherback turtles brave the land to lay their eggs on the sandy beaches. Tobago now protects their turtle population, but as long as you do not disturb the process, you can still get close enough to watch this miraculous sight. You can ask a local tour guide to call you once the turtles begin their journey to the beach, so you don’t have to hang around hoping that one might appear.

Sunday School

Contrary to the name, Sunday School is actually a massive street party for locals and tourists alike. Dance to the beat of a steel band and soul-lifting music all through the night. There are cheap stalls to eat and reasonably priced drinks.  No need to use a tour guide for this trip – just book yourself a local taxi and enjoy.

Pigeon Point

Here you will find Tobago’s most popular beach, nestled in the South West corner of the island. There are lots of activities and water sports you can enjoy.  Try eating from a beach hut restaurant. The fish are always freshly caught and cooked to perfection.

Glass Bottom Boat Tour

There are many boat trips and snorkeling opportunities on offer in Tobago.  It is definitely worth checking out Buccoo reef with its amazing array of colorful fish. Most trips also include the Nylon Pool, a warm tranquil patch of silky white sands and clear water. If you are brave enough, jump off the boat and enjoy the water below.

Wildlife at Main Ridge Forest Reserve

A UNESCO World Heritage Site established in 1776, the Main Ridge Forest is the oldest protected reserve in the Western hemisphere.  Tou can immerse yourself in hundreds of endemic species free to fly and roam over 10,000 acres.