5 Delicious Dishes to Tempt your Taste Buds in Barbados

Photo by Scot Goodhart on Unsplash

If you’re feeling brave, these authentic Carribean dishes are the perfect way to expand your horizons and try new flavors during your vacation.

Curly Pig Tails

Barbados is well known for its pigtails. They are popular salty meat that can complement rice and peas, as well as being enjoyed in their own right as a barbeque dish.  You will find pigtails being cooked at the side of the street, or ask a local taxi driver to take you to their favorite stand. 

The Popular Mac Pie Bajan Style

One of the most popular foods in Barbados is the macaroni pie. This is always popular with children, as the cheese infuses with the macaroni.

Cou-cou and fried flying fish with gravy

This is a national dish, consisting of the fungi cou-cou, cornflour, and okra.  Because the ingredients are inexpensive, this became a well-known dish during colonial history.  Now eaten in many homes on a Friday, the fried flying fish is a perfect accompaniment to this delicious meal. 


It is difficult to go to Barbados without sampling the local rum.  Often considered the birthplace of rum, be prepared to taste a drink that will warm you from your head to your toes.  Served everywhere at all times of the day, enjoy the spirit of Barbados.  


Finish off your feast with a traditional Barbadian dessert.  Wrapped in banana leaves, this pumpkin, cornmeal, sweet potatoes, and coconut mix, is really brought to life with carefully selected local spices.