Don’t Miss Seoul’s Top Museums

Photo by Cait Ellis on Unsplash

Seoul, South Korea is a city that is absolutely full of interesting things to do and see. If you’re a fan of museums, this city of nearly 10 million has plenty to offer.

If you find yourself in Seoul and are looking to have a day at the museums, here are three of the best that you absolutely must check out.

National Museum of Korea

The National Museum of Korea is arguably the country’s best museum, holding an enviable collection of artifacts and memorabilia tied to the country’s long history. The mix of traditional elements and contemporary pieces makes this a comprehensive look into South Korea’s past and present.

The Leeum

The Leeum is arguably Seoul’s preeminent art museum, housing two collections: contemporary modern art and traditional Korean pieces. Lovers of all kinds of art will find something to appreciate here.

Museum Kimchikan

Are you looking for a unique museum to visit during your time in Seoul? Look no further than the Museum Kimchikan, which this the only museum devoted to kimchi. Here, you’ll learn all you could’ve ever wanted to know about one of the country’s most treasured foods.