3 UK Cities That are Great for Vegans

Brighton, England
Photo by Candy Goode on Unsplash

As a vegan, traveling can be a challenge. You never know what your options will be, and it can be hard to tell which foods fit the criteria and which don’t. The UK is generally good for vegan options though, and if you’re looking for a city that will go above and beyond to cater for the vegan diet then the following three are great choices.


This bustling city has a large student population, as well as being a multicultural center. As a result, you’ll find delicious vegan food options from all around the world for great prices in cozy establishments. Be sure to check out the various cafes located near the universities for some tasty dishes. 


This sunny city on the southeast coast has the feel of a large town rather than a city, and with this loads of independent food venues and businesses. You’ll find anything from vegan fish and chips to hand-cooked vegan fudge, as well as plenty of whole foods cafes. 


This large Scottish city is known for being a cultural hub that is diverse and varied. Within this, there is a huge range of cuisines available, and for vegans, this is the same. Whether you’re after some tasty vegan junk food or are more interested in authentic Indian curry, there will be exciting vegan options for all tastes.