Tips for Staying Safe While Solo Traveling

Solo hike in California, USA
Photo by Jared Murray on Unsplash

Solo traveling is an incredibly exciting experience and can help us learn so much. But it’s also something that requires some caution in order to stay safe. There are always risks to traveling, and they may be more intense if you’re solo traveling. Try to remember these tips to reduce potential risks.

Always Update Friends or Family

Each time you head to a new destination or continue with your journey, send a quick text to a friend or family member with a few details of your movements. This helps give them peace of mind as to what you’re doing and also is a good way to keep track of you if anything does go wrong.

Keep a Hidden Stash of Money on You

This is where something like a money belt is good, so you can keep some backup cash in case something happens to your belongings. Being able to pay for a taxi or a train ticket will make all the difference in this unfortunate event. 

Try to Avoid Isolated Places

It’s good to remember that in a dangerous situation, other people around you will often be your best help. For this reason, it’s a good idea to avoid going to places where no one else is around, as you’ll have no support if something does go awry.