3 Top Things to See In Bratislava, Slovakia

If you ever decide to explore the European country of Slovakia, its capital must go onto your must-visit list. Bratislava, with its cobblestone streets and pretty pastel houses, has so many great things to offer. We present to you the very best things to do there.

The Bratislava Castle

The Castle is the iconic symbol of the city of Bratislava, and it is located on a hill. For an unforgettable experience, we suggest that you go up by foot; it will take only 15 minutes. It is worth for the fabulous panoramic view! You can also enter the castle and explore the Museum of History or casually stroll through the beautiful Baroque gardens. There is a cafe as well, where you can enjoy the view.

The Museum B-S 4

The Czechoslovak Fortification Museum is located in an underground bunker just outside of the city. It was set up for the soldiers during WWII, so you can also see weapons which were used during the past century.

The Festival of Light

The Festival of Light is one of Bratislava’s main events. It is held in September when the weather is enjoyable. At the evening you can enjoy the historical buildings of the Old Town lit up for the Festival. A green laser beam reflects from the UFO Tower to the St. Michael’s Gate to the Cumil statue and back.