You Should Take a Gap Year and Travel!

Photo by Mael BALLAND on Unsplash

The standard for most of the world is to finish high school and then move onto university. But, some people decide instead to take a gap year and put university on hold for just one more year.

This is such a fabulous way to prepare yourself for university, and if you have the means, you should definitely do it!


Taking time to go around and travel makes you become a really independent person, even if you think of yourself as an independent person already. Not only do you have to make the rules for yourself, but you also have to face the consequences for when things go wrong, which is so key to becoming an adult.


Traveling either by yourself or with friends will help you come out with such incredible experiences. Whether it’s visiting famous sites, meeting people from around the world, or trying things you’d never think to try, these experiences will stay with you forever.


Traveling really does make you a more mature, and responsible person. A lot of people will go into university and really not know how to handle themselves since there’s no one around to take of them, but by traveling first, you really grow into yourself and your maturity.