You Might be Surprised by these Facts about Guatemala

Templo II, Tikal, Guatemala. Photo by Jimmy Baum on Unsplash

Guatemala is an amazing country with so much natural beauty and culture to enjoy. However, before you go, you might be interested to know a few key facts about the country.


Although it’s best to visit Guatemala having some sort of understanding of Spanish, it won’t always help you. Since there is a large indigenous population in Guatemala, most being of Mayan descent, a lot of local people outside of a city might not understand Spanish at all since they have their own language.


Guatemala produces coffee for most of the world, but if you go thinking you’re going to have a great coffee experience, you might be disappointed. As with a lot of countries in trade, Guatemala exports their coffee to other countries, so the standard cup of joe you’re going to get might be a little lackluster.


There are some cultures in the world that believe that a human soul can be captured in a photograph, never to be released again.

In Guatemala, a lot of people think this is true, so when you go, you have to be really careful with where you aim your camera. Although it might sound silly to you, respect the local’s preferences as you’re a visitor on their land.