This Instagram Will Inspire You to Get Lost in Adventure

Jonathan Collins’ amazing Instagram feed will have you lusting for a trip to all corners of the world from the first moment that you lay eyes on it.

Over at @easternsuns, Collins shares the highlights of his trips. He primarily travels to lesser-known destinations that many western travelers don’t typically venture.

If you’re only expecting cityscapes on Collins’ page, however, don’t be surprised if you find a lot more. While some travel instagrammers only stick to big cities and well-known natural areas, Collins is a true explorer.

He goes to out of the way destinations to bring his followers snapshots from places that you might not otherwise have ever heard of. Many well-known instagrammers stick to well-known spots like Rome and Dubai, but Collins consistently provides shots from places that few outsiders ever visit.

Collins doesn’t stick only to shots of landscapes and cities. His account also provides a fantastic glance into the cultures of the places to which he travels. For example, this gorgeous shot of Sudanese women captures the essence and indomitable spirit of the people of this African country.

Give Collins a follow, and get inspired. Often, our travels to unknown places turn out to be the most interesting and fulfilling ones of all.