You Can Spend the Whole Year in this Maldives Resort for $30K

Photo by Zunnoon Ahmed on Unsplash

You’ve heard about all-you-can-eat buffets, but have you heard about this amazing all-you-can-stay opportunity in paradise on Earth, the Maldives? 

In an attempt to attract more customers after this bad year that was marked by the pandemic, the Anantara Veli resort in the Maldives is offering a unique chance for an unlimited stay during 2021, but the price tag will give you a headache. For $30,000, you and another person can stay in an overwater bungalow at this private island for as long as you want during 2021. For that price, you also get airport transfers and breakfast.

The resort allows the users of this package to get discounts on add-ons like spa treatments, cooking lessons, and water activities. When you get tired of the ocean, you can use the resort’s infinity pool to mix things up. 

The Maldives relies on tourism a lot so their economy took a big hit when the coronavirus pandemic started. Despite the crisis, they were among the first countries to open borders for international travelers but their focus is on the future, with innovative ideas to attract tourists in 2021 and later.