3 Beautiful Off the Beaten Track Winter Wonderlands

Photo by Healthycliff Syndor on Unsplash

Many places around the world become especially beautiful during winter when life becomes quieter and slower. We already know about stunning European destinations like Salzburg and Amsterdam, but there’s so much beauty outside the beaten track that we had to share a few destinations with you today.

Shirakawa, Japan

The Shirakawa village is a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its houses that represent traditional architecture. The building style is called Minka and it includes thatched roofs which save the houses from snow during winter.

St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is a stunning city all year long, however, once it’s covered in snow it becomes something out of a fairytale. The magic happens around New Year’s and the Orthodox Christmas, which falls on January 7th and is a holiday spent with family and close friends.

Harbin, China

Habrin is one of the coldest cities in China and the place where you can visit the International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival every winter. With or without the festival, the city looks simply stunning during the winter months, with snow everywhere and beautiful lights showing you the way around.