3 Advantages to Getting a Eurail Pass

Photo by Michał Ampuła on Unsplash

Traveling via train in Europe is one of the most quintessential travel experiences that you can have on the old continent.

Train travel has unique advantages that can be taken advantage of even more by purchasing a Eurail Pass, a special ticket that allows you to travel how and as much as you want over a set period of time. Let’s check out some of its top advantages.

Unlimited Travel

A Eurail Pass will allow you to travel literally as much as you want on trains during the length of its validity, no matter where you want to go or at what time. This gives you the option of taking it slow or going at a manic pace or alternating between the two during your time in Europe.


Have you ever ended up visiting a city that you wanted to spend more time in, or on the other extreme, one that you felt like skipping? Having a Eurail Pass will allow you to spend as much time as you want in any given place, and even make an unexpected stop in a city that you hadn’t planned for.

See the Landscape

One of the main reasons that I love traveling by train is the opportunity it gives you to see the landscape and countryside of new places up close and personal. Traveling solely via Eurail is a great way to do this, letting you see a whole continent as it passes by.