Why You Should Visit Spain’s Best Kept Secret

Asturias is a region on the North coast of Spain that is relatively unknown compared to other parts of Spain like Barcelona and Valencia. It has lots to offer- including the Picos Mountain range, some amazing stretches of coastline, and a delicious culinary heritage. Here are three reasons you should visit Asturias.

Picos de Europa Mountains

The Picos Mountains are less visited than the Pyrenees or the Alps but they are absolutely stunning and contain some of Europe’s most exciting wildlife, including bears and wolves. The highest peak is Torre Cerredo at 8,690 feet above sea level, and although they are smaller than the Pyrenees, they have a special atmosphere that makes them worth a special trip.


The coast of Asturias is known for its natural beauty and ruggedness, and relatively few beachgoers compared to beaches in the south of Spain. The Playa de La Griega is a fantastic spot for all the family and has great swimming spots as well as coast walks.


Asturias is especially known for its fish and seafood cuisine, with freshly caught crabs and sea bass available in most restaurants. It is also known for its cabrales cheese, which is made from goats’ milk, and for cabrito, which is a goat casserole dish that is absolutely dish.