Why Stay at a Hostels Instead Of Someone’s Apartment

Photo by Marcus Loke on Unsplash

It’s 2020 and traveling on a budget is easier than ever, and many people choose to stay in private rentals or find an Airbnb and the likes. Private accommodation turns a city visit into a very different experience so here are a few good reasons to stay at hostels instead of private apartments when you travel on the cheap.

The Staff

The biggest benefit of staying at a backpackers’ hostel is the staff. These are people who know the city better than everyone; they are there to offer tips on how to enjoy the city on a budget, give vouchers for tours and bars, and direct you to the tourist activities you’re most interested in.

Be friendly with the hostel staff and your city stay will be a 5-star experience, even in a shared dormitory.

Walk Around With a Crowd

While staying alone gives you privacy, it may get lonely. Most hostels have common areas where you can meet other travelers. This normally ends up in a group of like-minded people having a great time together.

Make International Friends

How would you like to stay with friends whenever you travel? Hostel buddies often keep in touch and visit each other years later.