3 Must-See Temples in Shanghai

Old Longhua Pagoda temple in Shanghai China. Photo by valtron84/Depositphotos

One of the great things about Shanghai, particularly for first-time visitors, is the sheer size of the city. A short trip on the metro can take you to a completely new neighborhood, and into a different world. A great way to see these neighborhoods is to visit some of the many temples in the city. Blend in with the locals and smell the incense of their tributes. These impressive temples are must-see sites, each in a different area of Shanghai.

Longhua Temple & Pagoda (Longhua Si)

This is the oldest and biggest temple in the city and includes a pagoda, several prayer halls, and the Buddhist Texts Library, where the magnificent collection of 500 golden statues of arhats is found.

Jade Buddha Temple (Yufo Si)

Probably the most famous of the three, home to the renowned Sitting Jade Buddha and Reclining Jade Buddha. Inside this temple is also a great little teahouse where you can witness a traditional tea-making performance.

Temple of the Town Gods (Chenghuang Miao)

Located in the fantastic Yuyuan Mart, this temple is dedicated to the city gods of Shanghai. Combine the visit with a tour of the fantastical Yu Garden and the famous Huxinting Teahouse.