Why is Vancouver Ranked North America’s Most Liveable City?

Photo by Matt Wang on Unsplash

Western Canada’s Vancouver is consistently voted the most liveable city in North America and is well worth a visit. Let’s check out 5 reasons that it’s so great.

The Ocean

Vancouver is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. These are calm, sapphire waters with refreshing weather, excellent views, and heart-melting sunsets.

Pine Forests

The city is surrounded by magnificent pine forests with a network of treetop walks you can explore. The beautiful smells of the pines drift down into the city all year round. There are endless hiking avenues crisscrossing these wild forests.

Great Educational Establishments

Vancouver is home to some of the world’s leading educational institutions, including The University of British Columbia and Vancouver Film School. The city is peppered with libraries and museums.

Stanley Park

This tremendous urban park is 1000 square acres and includes lakes, forests, mountains, magnificent trees, and large open skies. The sheer size of this park means inhabitants can endlessly explore this land and never get bored.

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Stanley Park, Beaver lake…

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Downtown Vancouver is packed full of vibrant bars, cafes and clubs. There are also a number of shopping centers, malls and independent shopping experiences.